Improve your customer experience and team productivity using Automatic Call Distribution

Deliver better results with ClearTouch’s ACD software

Increase revenue – never do you let your customers wait and especially your premium customers. You route the calls to the right agent with the right skills making your customers happier, and this directly influences your revenue

Increase agent productivity – routing based on skills, location, and time of day ensures that your agents are optimally used for the benefit of your customers.

Reduce handle time – right agents with the right skills can provide the best possible customer resolutions in the shortest possible times

Faster response to priority calls – ensures speedier response to the requests that need immediate attention by connecting to expert agents

How does an ACD system work?

ACD allows programmatic distribution and routing of calls.

What does your customer want?

They want their queries answered or resolved in the shortest possible time. You do this by routing the incoming call to the right agents based on multiple parameters that can be configured in our ACD system.

Benefits of ClearTouch’s automatic call distribution (ACD) system

Programmed call routing – easily configurable ACD system that allows you to program how calls have to be routed based on skills, time-of-the-day, location, and priorities

Agent productivity – improving agent productivity by routing only those calls relevant to their expertise, availability, skills, and training.

Prioritize premium customers – route premium customer calls in less than 3 seconds to specialist agents to provide resolutions in the shortest possible times.

Right agents for the right reasons – connect to sales for demos, technical team for advanced product queries, native language speaking agents that are geography-specific

Connect agents globally – connect globally scattered team by connecting callers with the agent closest to the caller’s location

Reduce call wait times – call queue management that analyzes the fastest route for every type of caller and connects them to an agent in the shortest possible time.

Business advantages of ClearTouch

  • No Capital Investment
  • Quick setup
  • Real-time updates
  • In-depth reporting
  • Scale-up and down with ease
  • Highly secure and reliable
  • Easy to use Dashboard

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