Higher sales-connects and conversions using CTC auto dialer solution

ClearTouch’s auto dialer is an outbound dialer software that helps you dial out a broad set of leads and saves significant time for your agents. It connects a customer to the live agent once the call has been patched, which leads to high productivity and efficiency.

Our auto dialers include predictive dialing that reduces the idle time between calls, preview dialing that lets you know who you are calling, and progressive dialing that ensures that there are no silent calls to your customers.

Autodialer services

Lead Generation – dialers can help in optimizing the complete lead generation process. It can make more calls than a human agent at the same time, and also can make calls in parallel.
Inbound Lead Conversion – the lesser the response time, the better is the conversion rate. Our auto dialer helps you to qualify & nurture the leads faster
Up-sell & cross-sell – you can tap the existing customers and inbound calls to upsell and cross-sell products and services
Promotions & Surveys – the reach of outbound promotions and surveys with our dialer gets better responses compared to manual dialing and other forms of communication

How do you benefit using Auto Dialers?

Saves time – no more manual outbound calls, and it protects your agents’ time. You can call an unlimited number of customers with a click of a button.
Reduces workforce – it improves efficiency and productivity, allowing you to reach customers for every agent. The improved connect rates mean reduced human resources requirements.
Increases sales & Revenue – more calls in less time means more lead conversions. Your sales can experience a massive jump with auto-dialers.

Automated Dialer Features

Schedule follow-ups – easily follow-up unanswered calls with easy configuration of our auto-dialer
Live Phone Call Monitoring – view or listen to live-agent activity ensuring the quality of the calls
Do Not Call – ensure that the dialer does not dial-out to DNC numbers
Answering Machine Detection – avoid answering machines and ensure that agents speak only to live prospects
Phone Number Verification – verify phone numbers and cleanse your database easily
Text-to-speech – you can create personalized and customized IVR messages using text to speech
Call recording – record every call and patch along with the reports corresponding to the prospect data

Why ClearTouch

  • Quick setup
  • Responsive Platform (Compatible for all browsers & Mobile OS)
  • Reliable platform
  • Easy to use
  • Pay as you go
  • Real-time Update
  • In-depth Reporting
  • Highly secure

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