Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that is ideal for your business

Why do you need an IVR set up for your business?

  • Automatic Call Routing – it comes with direct routing, self-service routing, geographic routing, skill-based routing, time-based routing and least used routing
  • Endless Customizable options – 100% customizable based on your business rules and workflow needs
  • Collect Information – run campaigns to receive information from your customers or seek feedback from your customers on your customer service effectiveness
  • Conduct Surveys – run surveys by putting together an IVR campaign where your participants get to choose their options
  • Inbound + Outbound – supports both inbound and outbound IVR service allowing you to provide customer service and customer support; inbound sales; send out promotions and reminders; schedule, confirm, and reconfirm appointments; and conduct surveys
  • Increase contact resolutions – helps increase customer resolutions through its self-service options and optimum utilization of available resources to address only critical customer complaints.

How do you benefit from IVR functionality?

Improve customer satisfaction

Resolve most of your queries through the IVR systems; self-service options. About 70-80% of the queries will get solved automatically by IVR and only 20-30% of the queries will get forwarded to customer service agents. This reduces the resolution times keeps your customers happy

Streamline agent efforts

Customer service agents get to spend time only on the critical requests that come from the customers that cannot be handled by the IVR. This makes them efficient as they handle only 20-30% of the calls that come to their call center, giving them ample time to resolve customer queries

Reduce Costs

The highest cost in a customer service or support center is the human resource cost. As the IVR system handles most queries, it automatically reduces the cost of your call center.

API integration

Integration with in-house CRM, SAP, and other IT applications allows your agents to be more productive


WFH Setup

Our IVR systems are work from home ready, as everything gets deployed from the cloud. There are no changes to the business process or the workflow that you follow – your IVR deployed on the cloud would take the customer through the regular routing protocols.

Any calls routed to the agents based on skills, time, or geography will land on the agents’ WFH device.

IVR automation

  • Improve Customer Service
  • Optimize Agents
  • Improve Contact Resolution
  • Decrease Operational Costs
  • Inbound & Outbound
  • Surveys & Info Collection
  • Personalization Offered
  • Increase Agent Efficiency
  • Same Day Setup
  • Call Prioritization
  • Pre-Recorded Messages
  • Prioritize Calls


ClearTouch Advantages


  • No Capital Investment – you pay only for the subscription, and it works on a pay-as-you-go model
  • Quick Setup – the entire installation is done within 24 hours
  • Real-time Updates – automatically manage maintenance and upgrades while ensuring 24×7 business continuity support
  • In-depth Reporting – helps you prepare for the future, manage performance and support time-sensitive decision making
  • Scalable – you can add or remove the number of agents based on the number of customer calls and business needs
  • Highly Secure – complete protection of data and compliance with various standards
  • Easy to use Dashboard – clear dashboard view of the performance of your IVR system. It is 100% configurable based on the user levels

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