Outbound Calling: Smart Predictive Dialing

With ClearTouch outbound calling, launching your sales or fundraising campaigns becomes easier and more cost-effective than ever. Whether your campaigns are straightforward or very complex, with ClearTouch all you need is an internet connection. The goal is to increase the number of connections agents make with customers, and with ClearTouch’s cloud-based predictive dialer, we’ve got you covered. It’s simple to use, infinitely configurable, and accessible from any location.

As a bonus, our rich reporting and analytics tools with real-time data will track outcomes, and compliance features will ensure adherence to government regulations.

It’s as Simple as…

  1. Uploading your contact list
  2. Choosing a template
  3. Scheduling your calls

Agents begin taking calls instantly through the Agent Gateway. As contact is made, customer information appears on-screen and notes can be recorded.

Coach your Agents with…

  • Scripted responses
  • Manager barge-in
  • Manager-to-agent messaging
  • Manager dashboards

All of the above within the ClearTouch interface—no CRM needed.

ClearTouch Leads with its Simple, Innovative Outbound Features

  • True Predictive Dialing
  • Preview Dialing
  • Manual Dialing
  • Real-time Cell Phone Scrubbing
  • Instant Link Back
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Call Recording
  • Redialing Busy or no Answers
  • Conditional and Sequential Dialing
  • Hang up on Answering Machines
  • Alternate Time of Day Dialing
  • Rotating Messages
  • Populating Do Not Call (DNC) Lists Automatically
  • IVR Scripting

ClearTouch’s outbound technologies will streamline your agent reporting like never before.

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