ClearTouch's Analytics and Reporting: Take Control

ClearTouch’s Analytics and Reporting Powered by TCN gives you the information you need to prepare for the future, manage performance from the enterprise to the individual, and support time-sensitive decision-making.

Start with ClearTouch’s Essential Reporting to experience the value and insight that business intelligence provides—or upgrade to custom reporting, analytics and dashboards for insights only limited by your imagination. ClearTouch’s automated and customized reports make switching to ClearTouch a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Are you ready to take control?

ClearTouch’s cloud contact center platform comes standard with powerful reporting and analytics tools.

For both 1) Essential Reporting and 2) the upgrade to Business Intelligence:

  • Never lose your data – even when switching to ClearTouch
  • Start tracking and reporting immediately

ClearTouch Essential Reporting

Monitor Overall Site Performance

  • Automate Critical Metric Tracking and Report Generation
  • Monitor Call Campaign Costs in Real Time
  • Measure Return on Campaigns
  • Track Manager and Team Performance
  • Predict Call Volumes and Staffing Needs
  • Discover Problematic Trends and Issues
  • Leverage Contextual Insight without Exporting Data

Track Individual Staff Performance on Key Metrics

  • See Call Times, Hold Times, Compliance Checks and Availability
  • Track Goal Progress and Deliverables
  • Monitor Agent Status in Real Time
  • Track and Analyze Weak Performers
  • Discover Different Talents in Call Types

Upgrade from ClearTouch’s Essential Reporting to ClearTouch’s Business Intelligence

Go above and beyond the visibility provided by ClearTouch’s Essential Reporting with an upgrade to ClearTouch’s Business Intelligence. Use ClearTouch’s Business Intelligence to create custom dashboards and automated reporting for everything from entire call campaign metrics to customized analytics. See how upgrading to ClearTouch’s Business Intelligence can:

  • Measure Conversion Rates Across Teams or Individuals
  • Monitor Deliverables in Real-Time, Including New Requests
  • Validate and Track Compliance Status
  • Layer Call Outcomes (or Any Metric) to Discover Hidden Outcome Influencers
  • Forecast Costs and Staffing to Protect Service Level Agreements
  • Stop Agents from Gaming the System with Customized Metric Tracking

ClearTouch Essential Reporting and Business Intelligence Upgrade:
Efficiency. Accountability. Control.


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