Customer Insights through Search and Discovery

Historically, engagement analytics has been expensive and resource intensive, but ClearTouch SpeechAnalytics makes it accessible by offering rich search and discovery tools along with full text transcription and PCI redaction of 100% of your calls via an affordable, risk-free monthly subscription. With the insights our SpeechAnalytics reveals in your customer conversations, you can finally answer questions such as “Are my customers happy?,” “Do we have compliance risk?”, “How are my agents performing?” or “Are calls being handled efficiently?”

ClearTouch SpeechAnalytics at a Glance

SpeechAnalytics offers powerful search and discovery tools combined with automated call transcription and reduction. Deep business insights are hidden inside every customer interaction. ClearTouch’s SpeechAnalytics can help to reveal them.


  • Full text transcripts for every call
  • Simple upgrade to enterprise-level engagement analytics
  • Turn-key integrations with common, cloud-based call recorders
  • Dedicated online community for learning and sharing
  • Reduced legal risk and better compliance via automated PCI-redaction

Easy and Effective Search and Discovery

SpeechAnalytic’s highly flexible search engine makes it easy to find and retrieve calls through free-form combinations of keywords, phrases, acoustic measures, and call metadata such as agent or disposition.


  • Advanced Search & Filtering
  • Enterprise-grade Speech Recognition
  • Enterprise grade Speech Transcription • Contextual Call Playback
  • Tagging & Commenting
  • Transcript Visualization
  • Full PCI Redaction
  • CRM Integrations
  • Dedicated Online Community


  • Increased Contact Center Efficiency
  • Improved Agent Performance
  • Better Customer Experience
  • Reduced Risk & Compliance

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